Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is a neuroactive compound which can be derived from various plants. Ibogaine has been shown to have a profound effect on the human brain. When administered in a clinical setting by trained facilitators and given the proper dosage, mindset and setting, ibogaine has demonstrated an ability to reset the brain and nervous system to pre addicted states. It repairs damaged brain tissues and its effects last long enough for a patient to recover and rebuild. Please contact us to learn more.

How does ibogaine work?

The so-called “mechanism of action” of ibogaine (how it works) is still not fully understood.  However, we do know that it targets multiple receptor sites in the brain, including the opioid receptors, the NMDA glutamate receptor, the nicotinic receptors and so on. In addition, ibogaine stimulates the production of growth factor (GDNF specifically) which supports neurogenerative processes and the production of new dopamine cells.  In addition, ibogaine metabolises into noribogaine, which is a long-acting compound which effectively functions as an internal microdosing system for up to 3-4 months after treatment.

How does an ibogaine treatment work?

Ibogaine is a profoundly powerful substance which has the power to completely change a patient's life. For this reason it is crucial to experience an ibogaine treatment in a safe clinical setting with trained facilitators. Our patient intake begins with a conversation where you tell us about your life, what you are seeking treatment for and what health challenges you are currently facing. Along with our ibogaine assisted psychotherapy protocol we are developing unique pre-treatment and aftercare programs so our patients can get the most out of the experience. Certain pre-existing health conditions can be barriers to safe treatment so we screen for these and offer options where possible. Once the screening and preparation is complete we schedule a visit at one of our ibogaine treatment centers. The treatment itself lasts about 24 hours and the recovery period is about a week. Once the treatment is over, the patient has a chance to begin a whole new life. Our after care community is dedicated to supporting our patients for as long as they like. Please contact us to learn more.

Is ibogaine treatment safe?

Ibogaine is a powerful transformative medicine that must be treated with the utmost respect. When administered in a clinical setting by trained professionals who have verified the health of the patient, the treatment is safe and very effective in the interruption and relief of addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Ibogaine can be dangerous if taken outside of a holistic clinical setting. We do not recommend ibogaine for recreational use or self administration. Please contact us to discuss your treatment needs.

What is it like taking ibogaine?

If taken in a large or so-called “flood dose”, ibogaine has specific stages of experience. The effects of ibogaine may begin anywhere from 45 minutes up to 3 hours after you take it. The entire experience may last between 24-36 hours. Withdrawal effects that you experienced before the ibogaine dose should become significantly reduced or eliminated. During the session, you are continuously supported and monitored by experienced, supportive, and caring facilitators as well as the emergency medical responder.

As ibogaine may cause unsteadiness, light sensitivity, and sometimes nausea, you will probably spend most of the first part of the ibogaine experience lying down in a quiet, darkened room where we will remain by your side.  

Facilitators provide support throughout the therapy. The facilitators are available to talk, sit quietly, provide reassurance during the experience and/or bodywork/energywork according to each case. Ibogaine may change memory recall processes and make people grow more thoughtful and introspective and inwardlooking. You may find that you want to talk very little. This is perfectly normal, so long as it does not interfere with routine monitoring and safety procedures.

After these effects start to wind down or go away, you will enter into the final stage of ibogaine effects. In this stage, you will probably remain wakeful and introspective, thinking over whatever you have experienced and learned so far. This may happen a day or so after ibogaine administration. After this point, ibogaine therapy returns to the more typical form of talk therapy, where you work to consider and bring together any insights, revelations or ideas from the ibogaine experience. The facilitators will actively work with you to help process the experience. As Ibogaine can catalyse a powerful and sometimes profound effect on consciousness, the facilitators may also provide support by continuing discussions and talking with you, and through other types of healing therapies.

How can I access treatment for addiction?

We are developing ibogaine assisted psychotherapy clinics in multiple destinations. The first step is to begin pre-treatment screening. Depending on your current health and treatment goals there may be months of pre-treatment required to stabilize and optimize your body and mind for this profound experience. Please contact us to begin your pre-treatment conversation.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Is ibogaine legal or illegal?

Ibogaine is illegal in various countriessuch as the USA, France and Italy.  It is a legal medicine in certain other countries, such as the Bahamas, South Africa and New Zealand. The legal status of ibogaine is likely to change in the next few years as clinical trials progress in Canada.

What is the legal status of ibogaine in Canada?

Ibogaine is on the Prescription Drug List in Canada: this means that while its medicinal benefits are recognised, it needs to go through a clinical trial process to evaluate safety and efficacy before doctors are able to prescribe it legally. Universal Ibogaine is advancing ibogaine through the clinical trials process in Canada.

What is the best way to prepare for an ibogaine treatment?

We encourage you to think of your journey towards ibogaine as more than a simple detox.  Ibogaine offers the opportunity for self-actualisation and discovering your purpose in life.  To give yourself the best possible chance of a successful outcome, we strongly encourage you to sign up for a course of pre-treatment therapy to ensure you set the right intention and are fully prepared for your experience.

Before beginning the ibogaine therapy, you should be prepared for a change in your life, have options or plans for your future and, perhaps most importantly, be connected with a number of healthy, caring and supportive friends or relatives. Ibogaine therapy should be considered as a 'catalyst' or 'tool' in your journey towards recovery and not necessarily as a ‘quick fix or cure’ in and of itself.

To learn more about our pre treatment protocols please contact our patient enrollment team.

Can I bring my partner or family with me?

We do not recommend you bring your partner or a family member with you; it is better that you come alone and focus on your treatment.

Do you offer an aftercare program?

We currently do not offer aftercare, however we are planning to partner with aftercare facilities in Canada and elsewhere in the near future.

Can I return for another treatment if required?

Yes, although it is recommended that you give yourself several months (at least) between treatments, to focus on integration of lessons learned during your experience.

I want an ibogaine treatment, what are the next steps?

Please contact us to get started.

What are the exclusion criteria?

Specific psychological conditions count as exclusion criteria, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder with psychotic features, depersonalization disorder, borderline personality disorder, a history of psychosis, severe, treatment-resistant depression and others. Please contact us to discuss your personal situation. Specific heart conditions also count as exclusion factors, such asprolonged QT syndrome, cardiac arhythmia, history of heart attacks, if you’vehad major heart surgery, if you have angina or wear a pacemaker.  In addition, certain pulmonary diagnoses arealso exclusionary, such as COPD, a recent COVID 19 infection, uncontrolledasthma or severe sleep apnea.  A fulllist of exclusion criteria is available on request. Please contact us to learn more.

Do you have a waiting list?

We currently do not have a waiting list, asour first clinic in the Bahamas is not yet operational. To be among the first clients we are able to treat please contact us to begin your patient onboarding.

How much does an ibogaine treatment cost?

Please contact us for more details on pricing.

Do you offer financing for ibogaine treatment?

Not at this stage, but we do have plans toin the future.

Is there a community of ibogaine treatment graduates?

There are various ibogaine-related Facebook groups, including Ibogaine Universe, the Ibogaine Recovery Movement, as well as Ibogaine World, the Ibogaine Hotline and New and Old Users of Ibogaine. We are not affiliated with these groups.

What is the difference between iboga and ibogaine?

Iboga is the ground root bark from the shrub Tabernanthe iboga, and contains over ten different alkaloids working inharmony with each other (the so-called “entourage effect”). Ibogaine is a single molecule.  People often report different experiences between the two. Because it is closer to a natural product, iboga requires consumption of more powder, whereas ibogaine is most often taken in small capsule form.

Where do we source our ibogaine?

Our ibogaine is derived from Voacanga Africana, from a plantation in Ghana and is to cGMP standards.

Is ibogaine dangerous?

Ibogaine has a degree of cardiotoxicity –it can slow the heart beat down and increase what is known as the QTinterval.  For this reason, pre-treatment screening to check your heart is crucial. Continuous monitoring of your heartrate while undergoing treatment is also a requirement.  When administered in a medical setting with appropriately trained staff and equipment, ibogaine treatment is safe.

Where can I go for ibogaine treatment?

Clear Sky Recovery Nassau in the Bahamas will be our first ibogaine clinic. Ibogaine treatment is legal in the Bahamas.  Our clinic follows a rigorous pre-treatmentand inpatient protocol with a full medical team. To begin your patient on boarding please contact us today.

Does ibogaine work for alcohol?

Yes, ibogaine can be very effective to combat alcoholism.

I am a doctor and would like to open an ibogaine clinic, where do I start?

Universal Ibogaine is currently developing a franchise clinic model to distribute its propriety treatment modality. We are developing partnership opportunities and welcome preliminary interest enabling us both to explore the possibility of a future partnership. For more information on our global clinic partnership opportunities please contact us today.  

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