Ibogaine and the Reinvention of Addiction Recovery w. Shayne Nyquvest and Jeremy Weate

Ibogaine and the Reinvention of Addiction Recovery w. Shayne Nyquvest and Jeremy Weate

The opioid crisis has created a pressing need for successful addiction treatments, especially as the majority of people who seek treatment are highly likely to relapse.

In today’s episode, we speak with Founder and Co-Chairman, Shayne Nyquvest and CEO, Jeremy Weate at Universal Ibogaine. Their company is aiming to address the opioid crisis and revolutionize the therapy industry by using ibogaine in addiction recovery.

“Psychiatry is a 19th-century profession without the tools. All they have is symptom maintenance. It’s an honour to be working on bringing psychiatry into the 21st century.” — Jeremy Weate [0:27:02]

To introduce the subject, Shayne shares a story about how someone close to him managed to recover from their addiction through ibogaine therapy. Jeremy talks about ibogaine’s unique ability to target neural receptors and help create ‘helper cells’ to refresh the brain and central nervous system. He then discusses its fascinating history, ranging from its ceremonial use in Gabon to its shadier applications by the CIA.

“With addiction recovery, Ibogaine is, in my opinion, something that can move the needle in an industry with a 95% failure rate.” — Shayne Nyquvest [0:03:54]

After providing further context on ibogaine, Shayne takes the lead in explaining the business model that they’re building out and the niche that Universal Ibogaine aims to fit in the marketplace. We talk about how they plan to finance the company, the clinical trials that they’re going through, and why Canada is the perfect country to be their base of operations. We also chat about the need to dispel fears around ibogaine and how the public needs to be educated about its benefits.

“This is a whole new industry that is going to require education because everyone wants to do psychedelics but they’re afraid of doing them.” — Shayne Nyquvest [0:18:19]

Based on Shayne’s extensive career in finance and brokering deals, we ask him to share his views on the state of the investment industry and he goes on to detail the differences between the marijuana sector and Universal Ibogaine’s business strategy.

There’s a lot of buzz around ibogaine. Listen to this episode to learn about this emerging and potentially game-changing industry.

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