2020 Psychedelics Industry Insights Report

2020 Psychedelics Industry Insights Report

Nikita Alexandrov BChem, MBA-CTO,ThinkMyco

Jan 11th, 2020

2019 was a pivotal year in the psychedelic industry with US decriminalization actions, two companies receiving FDA breakthrough status for psilocybin, funding of the $16M Johns Hopkins Psychedelic Research Center,The US Defence Department starting their rumored $20M+ Focused Pharma psychedelic science program and the movement of top universities into research and clinical trials. With the explosion of the more than $100M dollars worth of investable psychedelic opportunities in Q3 2019, the collapse of high quality cannabis investments, one of the best Decembers on record and a potential $1B scale psychedelic IPO-2020 will be the year of psychedelic investment.

The movement in the field recently is just a blip compared to what is to come, this industry has been brewing for the last few decades. Big Pharma has failed when it comes to new approaches to brain and central nervous system treatment. Due to poor understanding of mechanisms, complex clinical trials and systematic side effects, Neuro drugs have half the success rate of all Pharma projects,which caused most of the big players to reduce or cut their Neuro programs in the last decades.Recently, engagement is exploding with new clinical legislature supporting Neuro and the recent approval of 3 potentially blockbuster Neuro drugs in the last 2 years,

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