Current treatment options for opioid and other forms of addiction do not work for most people. What’s missing is the ability to fast track the withdrawal process. Ibogaine - a
molecule found in Tabernanthe iboga and many other plants - offers the opportunity for a rapid detox. In combination with an effective therapeutic setting, ibogaine offers the opportunity to live the good life again, free from addiction. Our goal is to provide safe, effective and affordable ibogaine treatment globally this decade.

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The Problem

Opioid addiction has reached epidemic levels in Canada, the United States and worldwide. Opioid and heroin is now the #1 cause of accidental death in Canada and the US for people under 50. At all stages, it destroys families. The opioid crisis cost the US $696 billion in 2018 - or 3.4 percent of GDP - and more than $2.5 trillion for the four - year period from 2015 to 2018.

Devastating families
Straining the economy
Current detox methods leave patcients re-addiction-prone

The Solution

Ibogaine targets multiple receptor sites in the brain, stimulates the production of neural growth factor (enabling the production of new dopamine cells) and resets the central nervous system. Ibogaine is the centrepiece of our therapeutic clinic delivery model under the Clear Sky brand. Our Clear Sky protocol places equal focus on pre and aftercare, ensuring you have the best chance to live the good life, free from the pain and repetitive behaviour patterns of addiction.

Ibogaine's long-lasting metabolite decreases or eliminates cravings and removes the overwhelming compulsion to use drugs for approximately 2-4 months following treatment.

  • Extremely fast acting, plant-based, naturally-occurring substance.
  • Paired with our treatment protocol it alleviates withdrawal symptoms and interrupts the process of active addiction.
  • Our detox treatment eliminates 95% of symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal.

Operation Milestones

  • Clinical Trials Application submitted to Health Canada by November 2020
  • Phase 2 Clinical Trials begin in Q1 2021
  • Launch a conventional detox clinic in Manitoba in 2021
  • Phase 3 Clinical Trials application submitted October 2021
  • Multi-site & multi-country Phase 3 Clinical Trials begin in Q1 2022 (current target:
    Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic)
  • 2025: First fifty clinics open for business

The road ahead is long. Our balance between medical expertise, corporate know-how, and
capital markets understanding means we are well set for success.

We are currently preparing to file our prospectus to TSX.V, with the aim of becoming a public by the end of Q3 2020. Being public allows everyone to be a part of the solution and enables us to obtain additional funding to fund clinical trials in Canada and overseas.

"We are in this for the long haul. It’s a marathon not a sprint"
- Shayne Nyquvest

To get the most out of your ibogaine treatment, its important to be prepared. This requires setting the right intentions, learning to have self-compassion and disidentifying from what is known as “the pain body” –otherwise known as your “bad wolf”.  We find that ibogaine treatment without pre-treatment therapy is far less effective in terms of long-term outcomes.


The first few days after entering our clinic we stabilise the patient and prepare them mentally and physically for their ibogaine treatment. During this time, we also run various tests to verify mental and physical states. It is imperative for the effectiveness and safety of our treatment that no questions are left unanswered.


Next, we connect them to an IV for fluids and carefully give the patient the correct number of ibogaine pills for it be a safe and effective detox. All the while an MD is nearby and a nurse is present continually monitoring the patient's vitals. Our treatment protocol ensures the detox only takes 18 hours and is nearly painless. Our treatment protocol resets the patient's neurochemistry within 45 minutes of administration.


After the treatment we take a glass half-full approach with life coaching and recommendations for long term rehab. The patient doesn't have withdrawal or the urge to use but there are still many unsolved issues in their life. We prepare the patient for the issues they're going to face when they return and help the patient prepare for living a better life.


Investment Case

We are in a unique position in history where the epidemic has never reached such devastating sizes. By being part of the solution to such an enormous epidemic we are creating the next multi-billion dollar industry.

  • We have already provided 3400 treatments with our safety protocol with astonishing results
  • We will undertake clinical trails in Canada in 2020
  • We have a rapid path to positive cash flow
  • A global business: we project treating over 23,000 patients by 2025 through 52 clinics globally
  • We are seeking only $3.8 Million USD to implement our business plan
  • We are expecting to be listed on the TSX.V in 2020

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Dr. William Dick

Chief Medical Adviser

  • Dr. William Dick is a practising emergency medicine physician and clinical researcher based at the University of BritishColumbia. He has extensive administrative and front-line experience in substance use disorder policy and treatment. Dr Dick’s research work includes novel pain control methods, cardiac resuscitation and emergency health system redesign. In his previous position as Vice-President Medical Programs, BCEmergency Health Services, he worked closely with governments, public health agencies and emergency health providers to help facilitate the provincial response to the current opioid overdose epidemic.

Hirpal Hundial

Chief Nursing Adviser

  • Hirpal Hundial, RN, BSN, MSN, is a Registered Nurse and Nursing Practice Consultant with background in critical care. She has worked closely with the B.C. Supreme Court on numerous occasions regarding patient safety, designed the Safe Care Nursing Framework and is a patient safety educator certified by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute.

Dr. Alberto Sola


  • Dr. Alberto Sola, Universal Ibogiane's President, is a thought leader in entheogenic treatment. He has the distinction of having treated more patients with ibogaine than any other person in the world and is head of operations at Clear Sky Recovery. Dr. Sola graduated from Univsersidad Anahuac. As the Medical Director of Amerimed, he opened four emergency hospitals in Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and Cabo San Lucas.

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Shayne Nyquvest

Chairman of the Board

  • Shayne Nyquvest is the former Executive Vice President of Mackie Research Capital and a founding member of the Canaccord Genuity Group. Nyquvest can personally vouch for the transformational effects of ibogaine and aims to see this treatment adopted by the mainstream medical community as an answer to the opioid epidemic.

Jeremy Weate

Chief Executive Officer

  • Jeremy Weate, PhD, has over 17 years strategic advisory experience, focused on minister-level guidance on mining sector governance across over 50 projects in over 30 countries in Europe,Africa, Central Asia and the South Pacific. Weate has a decade-long interest in ibogaine, which has seen him serve as Executive Director of the Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance (GITA) and as a director of Ibogaine For The World, a Canadian-registered non-profit.  He has co-organised ibogaine conferences in Vienna, Porto and London.  He is also executive producer of The Ibogaine Stories, a documentary film about ibogaine, currently in production. In 2018, he helped set up Tabula Rasa Retreat inPortugal, now one of the leading ibogaine treatment facilities globally.  

Jay Richardson

Chief Financial Officer

  • James (Jay) Richardson is a highly respected business tactician and veteran finance executive, acknowledged internationally for his personal integrity and for his dedication to client success. He has brought his vast experience and creative abilities to his work as a board member. Having served in various capacities on the boards of several public and private companies, he has acted as AuditCommittee Chair for several companies.As Interim CFO, his experience includes that of having been interim CFO of Hollinger Inc. during the height of its travails in 2004 prior to his becoming a Board member and ultimately Chair of the Argus Corporation, Hollinger's parent. 




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